Know Your Size

Bangle Sizing Guide

1. Use a Ruler/ Scale

2. Find a Bangle that Fits you Well

3. Use the Ruler to Measure the Bangle from the 2 widest points (as shown in diagram)

4. Find your Bangle Size using the Chart Below

If You Do Not have a Well Fitting Bangle

1. Cut a Piece of String

2. Use the String as a Bangle around your Wrist

3. Mark the Point where the String overlaps to form a Full Circle

4. Tape or Glue the Marked Point

5. Measure it like mentioned above with a Ruler

6. Compare with sizing Chart to ascertain the Exact Size

Bracelet Sizing Guide

A Step by Step Guide on How to Measure your Bracelet Size

1. Measure your Wrist using a Piece of String, just below the Wrist Bone, where you would normally wear a bracelet

2. If you are using a String mark the Point where it Overlaps to form a full Circle

3. Cut the String at the Marked Point

4. Place the String Flat on a Ruler

5. Compare the Length with the Sizing Chart Mentioned below

Take into Consideration If you are looking for a Comfortable Fit add 3/4th of an Inch to the Total Length and then Compare with the Sizing Chart

Adult Sizes

Bracelet Length Options

Extra Small – 6 inches

Small – 6.5 inches

Medium – 7 inches

Large -7.5 inches


Baby Sizes


0-3 months  – 3 inches

3-6 months  – 4 inches

6-12 months  – 4.5 inches

12-24 months  – 5 inches

3-4 years old  – 5.5 inches

5 years old  – 6 inches

Ring Sizing Guide

A Step by Step Guide on How to Measure your Ring Size

1. Use a piece of string/ thread.

2. String the thread around the finger your want to wear the Ring on.

3. Mark the String where it overlaps to form a full circle.

4. Cut the String where it has been marked.

5. Place the String on a Ruler to ascertain the exact length.

6.Use the Chart mentioned below to find your Exact Size.

Take into Consideration

1. If your knuckle is larger than the base of your finger

a) Measure your knuckle size

b) Measure your Ring Size i.e base of the finger

c) Pick a size between the Two.

2. If it is a wide band, we suggest you add one size to accommodate for extra width.