About Us

Co-Founded by sisters, Aanchal & Arpan, Carat Crush was incubated under the aegis of the high jewellery brand – Diamantina Fine Jewels.In a digital age rife with a discerning preference for luxury, we noticed a conspicuous absence of everyday fine jewellery, or as we like to call them – Daily Diamonds.

Aanchal & Arpan

A little bit about our Personal Style

My style is always classic but comfortable chic. I would pick flats over a tall pair of stilettos any day of the week.

 – Aanchal

My style is simple but I love to be on trend. I would choose a light yet in vogue lengha over a heavy embroidered piece.

 – Arpan

Aanchal’s top picks from Carat Crush

1. The diamond initial slide bangle
The effortlessly sliding Initials are a big favourite of mine. Give me something monogrammed or personalised and I’m always in.

2. The fuchsia baguette evil eye bracelet
I’m a big believer in good vibes and if you combine that with an array of beautiful fuchsia tapered baguettes teamed with diamonds. Well what’s not to love?

3. The roman numeral ring
Available in rose, white or yellow gold this customized ring is a must have. I’ve always been guilty of forgetting my own anniversary so this is my constant reminder and the diamonds don’t hurt either 🙂

Arpan’s top picks from Carat Crush

1. The initial ring
You won’t find me without my rose gold initial ring. An everyday favourite of mine, with this piece it’s all about understated personalized bling.

2. The flip evil eye bracelet
One of the most unique evil eye bracelets you’ll come across this double-sided beauty can be worn to match your outfit or your mood. Pink on one side and blue on the other the versatility of this bracelet is everything!

3. Triple slide diamond bangles
I love that these can be worn single or stacked as the occasion requires. I wear a single bangle for a fun Sunday brunch and stack up two to three bangles for a cocktail look.